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Pascal Streamline
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PASCAL Streamline™ Photocoagulator

PACAL scanning laser technology revolutionized laser therapy. Using lower power and shorter pulses result in less trauma and less pain. The Pascal Method has been validated with numerous clinical papers.

Streamline lasers are the only systems that uses 3 precision galvonometers, offering unparalleled laser output control. Using this method greatly reduces lag time between pulses, thus offering the fastest pattern treatments available.

No other scanning laser system can boast the number of articles, presentations or the number of academic centers currently using Streamline scanning technology.

Key Features
  • Power, position and galvo performance are monitored at a rate of 100,000 times per second with a highly specialized system.
  • Four discrete fibers deliver precise spot sizes and uniform focus across the delivered pattern.
  • Three high-speed galvanometers ensure precise laser placement without compromise to treatment time.
  • Continued expansion and system development with new treatment options.

Special Announcements

PASCAL and Endpoint Management - Daniel Lavinsky, MD from TOPCON Medical Laser Systems.

Product Webinars
Combination Laser Therapy Using Anti Vegf & PASCAL Laser EpM with Dr. Manish Nagpal MS, DO, FRCS (UK)
Non-Damaging Laser Therapy of the Macula with Endpoint Management
Photo-thermal Therapy of the Retina: Clinical Experience with CSR and DME using Endpoint Management (EpM) with Dr. Daniel Lavinski
Management of Retinal Disorders with Swept-Source*(1.) OCT and Endpoint Management with Prof. Dr. David E. Pelayes, MD
1. Not FDA approved for sale in the US.

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