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Nikon® Digital Attachment for the TRC-50DX
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Nikon Digital Attachment for the TRC-50DX

The Nikon Digital Attachment for the TRC-50DX Retinal Camera allows the user to capture color, red free and fluorescein angiography retinal images by using a commercially available Nikon camera body mounted on the upper capture port via a TV relay lens.  The output from the camera body can be seamlessly connected to the IMAGEnet capturing system for high resolution imaging.  This configuration is a more economical alternative to the existing sensor configuration for the TRC-50DX and IMAGEnet . There is an optional upgrade to the system for Fundus Auto Fluorescence and ICG studies with the addition of a second sensor.

Key Features
  • A more economical single sensor attachment for retinal imaging
  • High resolution color and FA images
  • Optional upgrade to FAF and ICG with a second sensor
  • Fully compatible with IMAGEnet R4 and Synergy
  • Can be upgraded as technology improves in commercial camera bodies
  • Can be used as a more economical upgrade in an existing lower resolution system
  • Easy to use and replace
  • Digitalization occurs in the camera body so it can be used with a laptop, thereby saving space

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